About Collectible Obscurities

Hello and welcome to the Collectible Obscurities website! We're a level 25 guild on Moon Guard. Our primary focus is roleplay, character development, and creating story-lines with other members in or outside of our guild. The general idea of Collectible Obscurities is that we're an explorers / market trading guild. There really isn't any limits on the content we offer; the sky is the limit with your creativity. I could say that we're a light, medium, or heavy rp guild, but the roleplay that we offer is based on what you make of it. Everyone in guild is willing to rp, it just depends on how involved your character gets. But, just because we rp doesn't mean that's all we do. We often find enjoyment in the PvE world, as well as PvP. This can vary from doing looking for raid, to heroics, to even pet battling. Thanks for giving us a look! More information can be found inside of our forums. I hope to hear from you soon!


Yes, we're always recruiting! If you have any sort of questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to get in contact with one of our officers! Shivanri, Kaldev, Diarlen, and Bloodlockk.

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